Vingroup Innovation Foundation implements 02 new programs in 2021

In addition to the traditional annual programs from 2018, this year, 2021, Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VINIF) will launch two new programs including Domestic Postdoc Scholarship and Preserving cultural and historical values.

VinIF aims towards supporting scientists and young talents from universities and institutes to create world-class scientific, technological and innovative researches in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Economics and Education, in order to bring about positive and sustainable changes for Vietnam.

Over 2 years of development and operation, VinIF has cooperated with more than 90 domestic research institutes and universities; Sponsored and managed around 70 projects; Given more than 450 scholarships; Organized and sponsored approximately 30 scientific and technological conferences, events with total funding up to more than VND 500 billion.

Among the scientific projects sponsored by VINIF, many studies have contributed to solving the urgent problems of society, such as: Covid-19 vaccine research and anti-Covid-19 warning system, building database. on genetic resources of some salt-tolerant plants in coastal sandy areas and some islands in Vietnam, building models to predict the progression of cirrhosis and the development of HCC and liver diseases final stage: The Al approach….

Not only provide financial support, VINIF also organizes many activities to connect the scientific community, creating a solid network of researchers, where knowledge, data, and resources are shared with flexible mechanism. All is to change the mindset and research environment in Vietnam, contributing to building and developing a positive and advanced science and technology ecosystem, which is the foundation for future generations of Vietnam.

Extending the above successes, in 2021, VINIF will continue to implement annual programs, including: Scientific and technological research projects support – Organizing and sponsoring for scientific and technological conference – Master’s and Doctoral (PhD) Scholarship – Collaborative Master’s program of Data Science – Intensive training and visiting professor. In addition, two new programs that VINIF will implement are the domestic post-doctoral scholarships and Preserving cultural and historical values.

About post-doctoral scholarships, VINIF will sponsor for PhDs from reputable foreign universities or newly domestic defended to work full-time for Vietnamese research institutes or universities. Sponsorship is VND 300 – 400 million/ year.

About Preserving cultural and historical values program, VINIF support organizations, individuals to create cultural events and projects related to the preservation of cultural and historical values. This is considered a breakthrough of VINIF, in addition to science and technology programs, to create a comprehensive foundation for sustainable development of Vietnam.

The expansion and development of the aforementioned sponsorship programs is a strong proof of VINIF ceaseless efforts on the journey of supporting the Vietnamese scientific team, thus creating positive, sustainable and comprehensive changes for the Vietnamese people themselves.

Details of cooperation and sponsorship programs in 2021 have been updated on the official website of VINIF. Learn more here.

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