Biomedical Informatics


Biomedical Informatics is one of the main research areas in VinBigdata, which aims at developing and applying computational methods and tools to analyze large-scale biomedical data to improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Perspectives on R&D

VinBigdata focuses on 04 main activities, incluve: Build a large-scale biomedical database in order to support biomedical research and clinical applications; Build systems for large-scale data management, analysis and sharing in order to support biomedical application development; Develop advanced computational methods to uncover novel biomedical knowledge and support translational biomedical research; Develop solutions for prediction of disease risks and adverse drug reactions in order to support diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases.


VinGen is an ecosystem including tools and solutions for genomics medicine based on the Vietnames-specific genomic data. From the Vietnames genomic database, VinGen aims at providing a system for management, analysis and sharing of genomic data, as well as solutions for disease risk prediction and adverse drug reaction prediction. VinGen is expected to contribute towards better diagnosis and treatment of diseases, ultimately setting the foundation for precision medicine to improve the Vietnamese’s general well-being.